What is Ransau Enterprise?

Ransau Enterprise is a digital menu, a revolution of the Hospitality sector. Our system is implemented on tablets and touch screens, allowing customers to order with the mere touch of the screen. Tablets become an easy, attractive and intuitive digital menu. But far from being enough, Tabletech improves your P&L from day one.

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Why Ransau Enterprise?

Ransau Enterprise is essentially about efficiency. Currently, the hospitality world is not optimized. Automatize and improve your ordering system with Tabletech by offering to your customers a fantastic experience.

Grow faster with Tabletech providing an image of technology, increasing customer's loyalty and improving the quality of your service.

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Below are our valuable services


Both digital menu and digital menu with request can be implemented in your restaurant in a quick and easy way. Differentiate yourself against competitors.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

Coffees / bars

Digital menu will allow you to be more efficient, increasing your sales and reducing your costs. Contact us without any obligation.


Ransau Enterprise systems can be installed in your hotel as well, improving your guests’ experience. Please, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.


Ransau Enterprise is also an excellent idea for your leisure local. You will benefit from high-tech appearance, which will differentiate you from your competitors. Please, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.


Save Time

  • Increase table rotation
  • Remove waiting times
  • Save time and costs

Customer Satisfaction

  • Help client selection with an intuitive visual menu
  • Increases food orders by attracting the customers with fantastic pictures
  • Provide details on products offered

Increase Revenue

  • Increase revenue as ordering is easier
  • Add extra functionalities such as laundry services, taxi, maps or check out from the tablet
  • Reinforces your Brand image enhancing customer loyalty

Take Control

  • Allows you to obtain statistical information and reports about guests’ consumption
  • Eliminate unpleasant surprises delivered to your room
  • Add new forms of entertainment besides TV